Saturday Assignment: How To Clean Your Microwave in 7 Minutes

Saturday Assignment: How To Clean Your Microwave in 7 Minutes

Regina Yunghans
Feb 23, 2010

Maybe it's because the door stays closed most of the time (and when it does open, it's for quickly shoving in food to reheat), but the microwave just doesn't get the regular cleaning attention the rest of one's house usually receives. That's cheese dip you see there. And run-over oatmeal on the revolving platter. Want to know how to clean your crusty microwave step-by-step? Find it after the jump.

What You Need

dish cloth
oven mitt



1. Fill a mug with water and place in the microwave.

2. Set for 5 minutes on high heat. Start microwave.

3. Remove mug of hot water (use a mitt, as the mug will be hot!).

4. Remove the revolving tray, shut the door to keep the steam in, and wash the tray right away in the sink.

5. Open the door and wipe away the splatters from the microwave interior with a soapy wet dish cloth. Don't forget the interior of the door. (Depending on how dirty your microwave is, you might need more than two minutes to clean, but it still shouldn't take too much longer than five minutes to finish!)

6. Replace the revolving tray in the microwave and you're set.

Do you have any microwave cleaning tips or tricks to add?

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