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Real Estate Rom Com: History Loves Company in Savannah

published Feb 22, 2019
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In honor of love, February, and gorgeous real estate, I put together another Real Estate Rom Com featuring this stunning home on Sotheby’s International Realty.


A crowd bustles down Whitaker street, weaving in and out of Forsyth Park. It’s the annual historic house walk and as a winner of the Historic Savannah Foundation Preservation Award, 611 is a must see for any historic house enthusiast. EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN has decided to take the walk as a way to distract himself from his upcoming deadline… and recent breakup. He stops squarely in front of the house and his eyes light up.


Inside, EFFORTLESSLY CHARMING HOMEOWNER is greeting guests as they shuffle into the grand foyer. He smiles gently as their eyes cast up and around admiring the woodwork and pocket doors. It’s not easy keeping a five bedroom, five bathroom home built in 1895 in tip-top shape, but it is his greatest joy. He thinks for a moment that it would be nice to have someone to share it with, but reminds himself that he is sharing his home with the community. As he walks through the home and hears his neighbors discussing the commercial grade appliances in the large kitchen, he decides to take a breather in the outdoor kitchen just as EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN enters the home.


EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN has separated himself from the group and gathers an unprecedented amount of courage to peek into a room on the third level. He enters the movie theater thinking he’s alone when all of the sudden EFFORTLESSLY CHARMING HOMEOWNER coughs. EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN bumbles his way through a question about the bathroom updates, EFFORTLESSLY CHARMING HOMEOWNER shares that they each contain heated floors. He also begins to ramble about the coach house attached to the property, unsure of why he’s suddenly so nervous and chatty. EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN wants to keep talking about the fireplaces, inlaid floors, history of the park and porch off the master bedroom, and of course, who lived here in the past but all he manages to ask is if the EFFORTLESSLY CHARMING HOMEOWNER lives in this home by himself. EFFORTLESSLY CHARMING HOMEOWNER smiles as he reassures EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN that he is single. There is a pregnant pause as another part of the tour group filters past them towards the bedrooms on the third floor. EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN mentions that he better catch up with the rest of the group though he thinks he could stand by the billiard table forever.


On the home’s veranda, EFFORTLESSLY CHARMING HOMEOWNER catches up with EASILY FLUSTERED LOCAL HISTORIAN as he is about to leave and makes him promise that he will come back sometime to see the secret passageway.


See all the listing details at Sotheby’s International Realty. Photos by Wayne Moore.