Rearrange Your Furniture: Save Money and the Earth

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve been doing it since we were kids. We’d rearrange our bedroom on rainy weekends, exhilerated by the new feel of walking into a rearranged room. And we still do it. It’s a great way to freshen up a space when you have a hankering for redecorating without spending lots of money, disposing of old furniture, or consuming more. By reorganizing what you already have, your home’s layout becomes an adaptive response to shifting needs and lifestyles.

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We think this hobby of ours started when our mother would move furniture seasonally. In the winter, the heads of our beds would be placed against interior walls to avoid drafts. In summer, they’d be situated next to windows to take advantage of cool night air. We learned that simply adjusting our existing environment was all that was necessary to satisfy practical needs or fulfill aesthetic desires.

Some links on rearranging furniture:

Sketch a plan of action first with pencil and paper or try this free Arrange-a-Room from Better Homes and Gardens. Even with planning in advance, though, we’ve found sometime it’s most effective and more fun to just try it out.

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