Save Money Now With These Tiny Tech Tips

Save Money Now With These Tiny Tech Tips

Taryn Williford
Aug 4, 2010

Yeah, that tip about changing all your old appliances to new-fangled energy-saving models is a good one. But it requires two things we don't seem to have a lot of these days: money and time. The good news is that there's plenty you can do today to start saving pennies. We've combed the Unplggd archives for the best money-saving one-liners from past posts and reader comments. They're not huge changes—and you won't see millions flooding your bank account—but every little bit helps, right?

"The other day we read up on eco-font, a typeface that has small perforations in it that aren't noticeable to the eye when used with regular font sizes (read: anything below 24), but when printed ends up using less ink ... Download ecofont here for free."

- Save Money on Ink with a (Free) New Font

"If you're stuck to cable, you can purchase a digital cable box in good condition online for about $30 and the cable modem will cost you another $25. It will take all of 6 months to recoup the cost."

- Why you should never rent accessories from your cable provider, from Buy—Don't Rent—Cable Accessories to Save Cash

"While most airlines have rules and regulations when it comes to carry-on luggage, if you bag passes a cursory visual exam, most airlines won't check the weight of the carry-on bag or the exact size ... This also stops you from worrying too much about having your tech stolen from your checked luggage."

- Why you should always pack your tech in your carry-on instead of "extra-cost-for-extra-weight" checked bags, from Tips For Packing Tech While Traveling & Saving Money

"There are advantages to small, condensed buildings. To save a little dough, why not get a few close-quarters neighbors together to share one WiFi plan? It doesn't have to stay unsecured—you can just share the password!

- A helpful, but IP-provider-contract-breaching, tip; from Money Saving Tip: Share WiFi With Neighbors

"When using the dishwasher, turn off the drying cycle if you don't need dishes right away."

- Tips to Save Electricity--and Money

"Adjust your ceiling fan to turn counterclockwise in the summer."

- Tips to Save Electricity--and Money

"Google voice can also manage SMS text messages, allowing all received messages to go to your GMail account, which in turn, allows to you to choose a limited (if necessary) text message plan for your iPhone account. Boo Yah."

- From dvturner, on How To Save Money In Your Home Using Google Services

"Use pots and pans that match the size of the burners on your stove. This allows more heat to the pan and less heat will be lost to surrounding air."

- Tips to Save Electricity--and Money

"We have been so used to seeing the subsidized price [of the iPhone] from AT&T that we had forgotten just how much the phone actually costs. However, once we compared monthly savings if we switched to another GSM carrier, we discovered we would pocket over $1000 over the course of the 24 month AT&T contract, which more than makes up for the difference in cost in the handsets. The savings became even more significant when we compared the larger unlimited minute and family plan offerings."

- An argument for unlocking your cell phone, from Buy an Unlocked Phone & Save Over $1,000

"First off, let me tell you how to save money on an iPhone. You buy it the day it comes out. Then after one year, when you're eligible for an upgrade with ATT, you buy it at the upgrade price. Then you unlock / jailbreak your old iPhone, eBay it, and you end up making a slight profit. So yes... you can get a free iPhone every year."

- From hungarianhc, on Buy an Unlocked Phone & Save Over $1,000

"Try shopping online (You can find better deals than in the store and you save on gas (I recommend"

- From Ellen80, on How To Save Money In Your Home Using Google Services

"Another suggestion is to watch for 'stackable' opportunities to really make your savings go farther. Recently the combo of using Bing Cashback and Amazon payphrase netted me an additional 15% savings over an already closeout price on"

- More advice for saving on online shopping, from RJHD3 on How To: Get Tech For Less

( Coin jar image, Look! Demijohn as Change Jar. / Ecofont image, photoillustration. / Laptop travel bag image, Tom Bihn's Checkpoint Flyer. / Ceiling fan image, How To Antique a Ceiling Fan. / Stove burner image, Flickr member .j.e.n.n.y. under license from Creative Commons / Online shopping image, Flickr member breibeest under license from Creative Commons. )

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