Save Money on Video Games with Netflix-like Services

Save Money on Video Games with Netflix-like Services

Jesse Leikin
Jun 8, 2011

If you are a movie lover, then Netflix is awesome. You can rent unlimited movies all for less than the cost of one new movie per month. While not as well known, there are Netflix like services for game lovers. And at $50-$60 a pop per game title, using one of these services to rent games can result in a huge cost savings for serious gamers. After the break find 3 services all with unique perspectives on game rentals.

Goozex: Instead of having a monthly fee for game rentals, Goozex takes another approach. They do not have a centralized warehouse of titles, but rather rely on peer-to-peer interactions to trade games. After signing up, list the games that you are looking to trade and Goozex will find you a matching person to trade with through pre-paid mail envelopes. For each item you get in a trade you pay $1.99, which is the equivalent of a trade token. For every item you give in a trade you receive tokens that cover the $1.99 cost of future trades where you receive items. While not truly rentals, the incredably cheap cost associated with Goozex make it a far better deal then buying tons of new games.

RedBox: While RedBox might be primarily known as a movie rental service, they also offer video game rentals. Like their movie service, what make makes their video game rentals compelling is the low cost for short periods of time. At $2 per day this rental service is ideal for one or two day rentals. Also with the limited selection of games available, RedBox is not ideal for avid gamers, but rather it provides a nice quick fix for the casual gamers among us.

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