Save the Waterbeds! 5 Pieces of Furniture that Are All But Extinct

Save the Waterbeds! 5 Pieces of Furniture that Are All But Extinct

Taryn Williford
Nov 9, 2015

What's "in style" comes and goes with the seasons, as you know. Just when you think macrame is out of style... boom! It cycles back again. But before you think everything from our design past is destined to repeat itself, let me call your attention to these five pieces. Whether due to changing technology or better alternatives, these are the things that will certainly disappear from the interior design landscape for good. Are you harboring any of these endangered species at home?

TV Cabinets & Media Stands

Screens are getting flatter, and the days of having a piece of furniture to set your TV inside are over. These days, it's all about wall-mounting and slim consoles.

CD & Movie Racks

Now that everything we read, see and listen to is digital, there's no practical need to store media in your living room or bedroom anymore. The exception? Bookshelves, which still have a romantic and stylistic notion about them.


There's no practical reason that the waterbed has gone extinct. It's just... gone. Like the Dodo bird. Nobody's seen one since 1992. (For further reading: check out our post on the history of waterbeds.)


Make no mistake, there's still a huge market for double-duty furniture that serves as a sofa by day and sleeping arrangement by night. But the thing is, they've gotten so much better looking than the frat house futons of yesteryear.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Roll-Top Desks

These are still so cute, and so quaint. And they probably have the least likelihood from anything on this list of totally dying out. But the reality is that most peoples' home office needs are either (a) satisfied by keeping a laptop floating around the living room or (b) way too large and involved to fit into a tiny, quaint desk.

If you're hanging on to any of these endangered species at home, do tell! What other pieces have gone extinct from the design landscape lately?

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