Blogging...Things I Bought That I Love

Blogging...Things I Bought That I Love

Grace Shu
Apr 15, 2009

"I don't have the kind of Martha Stewart eye where I know how to turn vintage drapes into flat sheets and pair them with some cool pillow from the Fairfax flea market or whatever; and voilà, I have the coolest bed ever. I'm jealous of, and hate those people." Which writer/actress/blogger said this about her bedroom? The answer is after the jump...

Why, it's none other than Mindy Kaling, who plays Kelly Kapoor on The Office ("What's this?!," you say, "Why are all of you people talking The Office?"). I was unaware until recently that Kaling actually writes for the show; and not only that, she has her own blog called Things I Bought That I Love. Kaling covers a broad range of topics: from housewares to her latest obsession with frocks and high heels shoes to her staunch belief that girls should be wearing Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls until they reach the age of 16. But at the heart of her entertaining blog is some really great resources and ideas, especially when it comes to picking out gifts for friends or indulging in, say, a TV watching blanket. She offers options for various budgets, categorized by "grad student, young professional, and Ben Silverman." Here are some choice quotes from various entries:

• On expensive bedding: "When I feel guilty about spending money, it's mostly on shoes. In Family Feud, they would come up #1 on the list of "Things Women spend their Rent Money On That Isn't Rent." But designer bedding is the silent killer of women's checkbooks. It really is."

• On Dwell Studio bedding: "Dwell Studio is also great because they're modern but not that antiseptic American Psycho ultra-mod, so you don't feel like you live in some bachelor pad."

• On staying at the Bowery Hotel in NYC's Lower East Side: "It's like the movie "Clue" in there, guys. Except Colonel Mustard is Lindsay Lohan. As much as I admire the Lower East Side, I will go on record as saying that it is not my scene, (um, my scene is like, Nordstrom at the Grove), but I really tried to think of my stay as a colorful adventure, and I, a plucky explorer..."

• On camping at Joshua Tree: "[This little tiny coyote] looked at us with these eyes that were like "I would totally be eating you right now if I was just a little bit bigger."

• On candles: "I also really like candles, but feel on principle I should hate them. Look, I'm as into romance as the next person - I'm basically Miss Piggy - but if I have to see another scene in a major network dramedy where the male lead has lit - as a romantic surprise for his plucky unwitting female co-star - hundreds of candles in his bedroom, I am going to puke."

• On the furniture selection at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet: "Everyone wants Mid-Century tables and chairs, but you will not get them cheap; so just save your pennies, and go to Palm Springs to buy the good stuff."

• On her hobbies: "Shopping is my #1 favorite hobby. Dieting is #2. Unfortunately, #3 on my list is Eating Sweets."

Check out more of Mindy's hilarious blog, Things I Love That I Bought.

[ Photo from Dwell Studio ]

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