Scaling Back: 10 Items We Could Live Without

Scaling Back: 10 Items We Could Live Without

Marcia Prentice
Apr 20, 2010

Sometimes we are forced to consolidate our furnishings in order to move into a smaller space. However, when looking over a wide range of personal belongings, we always seem to find items we never knew we owned. We also start to ponder which items are necessities and which ones we could afford to discard.

We created a list, in no particular order, of 10 items we could live without when moving into a smaller home.

  • Collection of Action Figures: If collecting all the Power Rangers action figures is your hobby, then who are we to judge. However, when your living area is sparse, sometimes the figurines have to go in storage or on, gulp, Craigslist.
  • Microwave: Last week Geoff wrote about living without a microwave. With over 100 comments, we can assume it is a hot topic. Personally, not having a microwave as a convenience, would force me to finally learn how to cook.
  • Fine China: Reserving expensive dinnerware for special parties and events is a great idea in theory; however, when you are trying to make the most out of cabinet space it is not the most practical.
  • KitchenAid Stand Mixer: We bought the 5-quart stand mixer and promised ourselves that we would be whipping up cakes and other desserts more often. Well, we are no Betty Crocker and the high-powered mixer is stored in the cabinet, while we make use of a much smaller hand mixer.
  • Espresso Machine: We personally don't drink coffee, but we have friends that really enjoy having an espresso maker in the home. When living in a small space; unfortunately, it is all about sacrifices.
  • Multitude of Picture Frames: Last month we wrote a post title, Creating a Balance when Displaying Photos in the Home. We gave suggestions for how to enjoy personal photos, without overwhelming a living area with picture frames.
  • Collection of CDs: Most would agree that they would prefer their music stored on the computer vs. a CD storage piece.
  • College Textbooks: We used to be guilty of keeping old college textbooks for the one occasion we may want to reference something we learned in class. However, once we discovered we could sell our books on for a decent amount of money, we no longer hang on to our old college textbooks.
  • Clothes You Never Wear: Do you save a particular shirt or outfit for that one special party that you may never attend? We have a rule when it comes to our wardrobe. If we don't wear a particular article of clothing once in the last 6 months, then we have to remove it from our closet.
  • Large Stereo Equipment: To conserve room in our apartment, we purchased a Bose iPod dock to replace the large speakers, audio receiver, and CD player.

What are some of your furnishings that you could give up in order to maximize living space?

(Images: Flickr member meddygarnet via Creative Commons)

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