Scary House Noises or Who's There?

Scary House Noises or Who's There?

Abby Stone
Oct 29, 2009

Last night, we made ourselves a cup of tea and settled into bed early to read the third book in the Twilight series. Suddenly, a door swung open and then slammed, the lock jiggled, there was a series of creaks that seemed to shuffle across the floor. Our heart raced. Who was there? Had we somehow conjured up the vampires and werewolves we were reading about...or was it something more sinister. Like a character in a bad movie, we got up to investigate...

And felt completely idiotic (although we now have a lot more sympathy for those characters who get up to check out the noises wearing only their nightclothes armed with the nearest blunt object). Turns out It was just the wild wind that's been howling through Los Angeles, ripping up trees and littering the streets with palm fronds, winning the battle against the old window latches, rattling the doors in their frames, the sudden cold expanding and contracting the wood floors. It reminded me of how, growing up, the heat would rattle through the old pipes in the winter; my dad convinced my brother and I that Snow White's seven dwarves had taken up temporary residence downstairs and we scared ourselves silly going down into the dark basement one night to investigate. In a friend's house, people talking down the street sound as if they're sitting in her living room; late at night it can be unnerving. What about you? What sounds does your house make and how did you react to them?

[image: AliSmith44, from their Flickr with a Creative Commons License]

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