Scavenger: Spiffy Red Suitcases for $110

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2004_12_9_suitcase.jpgWe are always drawin to vintage suitcases, but they are ususally in crappy shape. These vintage red ones look like they are in great shape (and Michelle says so), and are in a “spiffy” color. These are too nice to hide in the closet. It’s either use them in the open or let Ralph Lauren decorate his windows with them. MGR


  • Paintings we liked still for sale (hard to tell quality…)
  • Chaise lounge for $120
  • Teacher’s oak desk for $1200 (!!!)
  • Vintage 50’s dresser with 2 nightstands for $100 (but scary looking)
  • Art Deco sconces for $30

    Thanks, Craig!

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