Schrager Home: Closing Sale Starts Today!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Schrager Home is closing and putting everything on sale. As a result, we are retiring their posting and replacing it with this one sans comments. If you have any more news about Schrager, please email us directly.

Schrager is selling off everything at discounts aroud 50%, with floor samples going for even great discounts. They’ve got modern and contemporary sofas, armoires, lighting, floor mirrors and more:

Chelsea sofa, was $1,695, now $745; Soho sectional , was $2840, now $1499; dining table with 4 chairs was $1395: now $499; Gus sectional was $2750; now $1499; Spring Street sofa was $1785:now $885.

All sales are by cash or check only. The sale starts today and runs throught the end of the month.

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