We May Be Renting in Space Sooner than Expected

published Oct 23, 2017
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The majestic moon. Keeper of tides. Eclipser of suns. Your future neighborhood? Two stories in the news this week cover developments that hint that we may be living on and vacationing around the moon in the near-ish future. And don’t worry, we’ve already started researching any and all IKEA space hacks.

Research published in Geophysical Research Letters (your one stop Geophysical research shop) suggests that they have found places on the moon that could be used for underground bases. Scientists have long wondered if the craggy surface of the moon might have subterranean caves that could be made inhabitable.

Their wondering has come to end with new research from scientist from NASA and JAXA (Japan’s space agency) that found that the caverns, formed by lava millions of years ago, can be used for underground bunkers, protecting people from the harsh atmosphere of the moon. The data suggests that the caverns are about several kilometeres long and one kilometer in height and width.

“Intact lunar lava tubes offer a pristine environment to conduct scientific examination of the Moon’s composition and potentially serve as secure shelters for humans and instruments.”

If you want to take advantage of all that space has to offer but an underground moon bunker seems a little too rustic, you can book yourself into a space hotel as early as 2022. Business Insider reported that Bigelow Aerospace is working on an inflatable space hotel, where the ‘pods’ can hold up to six people and designs include an entertainment and common area. They attached a version of the pod to the International Space Station in 2016 and have been collecting data on the pods efficiency, so the space hotel would come with some NASA backed know-how.

(Image credit: Facebook/Bigelow Airspace )

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Would you stay in a space pod? Buy an underground moon condo? Let us know!

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