(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Discovering Scout was a pretty exciting moment. A friend had been telling us about it for a while, and venturing into this beautifully laid out Andersonville shop gave us reason to pause and stare at every detail and item. The website declares it well: Scout is “less about style and more about a feeling.”

The handpicked antique and new items in the shop represent an innovative, fresh approach to antiquing, something that Chicagoans seem to be all about these days.

This week’s Battle of the Gayborhoods in Time Out Chicago (Boystown v. Andersonville) did not include a comparison of home stores or antique shops, so we’re adding it to the battlezone list.

Between White Attic, The Brown Elephant, Urbanest, and Scout, we’re leaning toward Andersonville (even though Boystown boasts I.D.)…

We’d love to hear some reader reviews on this one!

Photo: Tate Gunnerson / Scout