Screen2: A Great Way To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Phone

Screen2: A Great Way To Extend The Life Of Your Mobile Phone

Range Govindan
Oct 29, 2008

Haven't you always wanted a bigger screen on your mobile phone? Most cell phones need to find a balance between size and portability. It's not always best to have big screens on them. There are also those of us with older cell phones that are reticent to upgrade to new ones every year. Which is why Lu Le came up with his Screen2 concept.

It's not like all cell phones have touchscreens, gigantic megapixel counts for their cameras and are extremely thin. Most of us use regular sized cell phones that come with our service plans from our providers. This means smaller screens, numeric keypads and nothing fancy to browse the internet. For those of you in this situation, Screen2 might be made just for you.

Screen2 is a mobile phone dock. It transforms your cell phone's standard features to add email, web surfing, photo viewing, video watching, speaker phoning, and IM, which is all done via it's touchscreen. It's not portable, so it would be something that you'd use at home or in a hotel room, but it would be convenient, depending on how affordable it would be.

It could easily extend the life of old cell phones, and add interesting features to smartphones, mainly using a larger touchscreen. We thought that this little device is really smart and we haven't seen anything else like this on the market. I'm sure that a lot of us would enjoy using it, especially if it could be used as a dock for iPods and other MP3 players. [via Yanko Design]

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