This App Can Help You Fall Asleep During Your Nightly Doomscroll

published Jan 15, 2021
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If bleary-eyed reaching for your phone for one last time before falling asleep has become an alarmingly common habit for you these days, you’re far from alone. Doomscrolling, aka the phenomenon of looking at your mobile devices immediately before bed, is so common that the vast majority of people even sleep with their phone in bed at night, offering instant access to friends, family, and a truly relentless news cycle scattered across endless social media apps.

For those looking for a way to stop doomscrolling without actually giving up your precious pre-bedtime device routine, one new app has a pretty solid solution. Scrollaby, a free iPhone app (with an Android version on the way shortly), “hacks” your device, replacing your social media feeds with content that is specially designed to actually help you sleep. The app features more than 1,000 curated sounds and music, meditations, relaxing imagery, and stories rooted in science to help stop obsessive thinking and anxiety in its tracks, thus giving you the comfort of a pre-sleep scroll without any of the stimulation overload.

As for how it works: Each time you open the app, you’re met with a randomized feed of relaxing content, so each experience is unique. You can then scroll through and scope out the many options, saving favorites for those particularly effective tools. It even integrates with Reminders and Apple Healthkit so you can pre-set alerts to prevent yourself from opening other apps, as well as keep track of how your sleep quality improves over time.

Scrollaby’s founders call it a “digital lullaby,” with across-the-board five star ratings and reviews from iPhone users who share that it helps calm an active brain and feels way more relaxing than scrolling through Instagram before you snooze. If doomscrolling has become an unwelcome addition to your nightly routine lately, you’re more than likely ready to try something new—while still having the peace of mind knowing that your phone is still by your side should you need it for any reason during the night. Sweet dreams, indeed.