These Stunning Planters Look Like They Belong in a Museum

updated Apr 30, 2020
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Credit: YO2
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Cyprus-based design studio YO2’s planters will not only turn your room into an indoor garden but also into an art gallery.

Their collection of planters feature animal forms in geometric shapes and statues that resemble Greek and Roman sculptures. One artwork, called “Run the Show,” depicts an oversized human hand with a plant blooming from the wrist. The planter even has fine details such as veins and skin creases on the fingers.

Other pieces are more contemporary. “Gluttonous” presents a saber tooth tiger with a body made of sleek edges and clean lines, with a plant growing on its back, while “Lalala” looks like installation art with greenery coming out of a standing trumpet.

Although the pieces might look like they’re carved from marble, they’re actually made from cast iron, making it easy to clean using only water and soap. The choice of material also makes it waterproof, fire-resistant, and durable in different weather conditions. So, if you decide to leave it out in the garden, you won’t have to worry about ruining a precious oeuvre.

The designers also noted that, because the planters really do look expensive, they might attract unwanted attention. That’s why they’ve equipped the pieces with anti-vandalism and anti-theft properties.

You can see more of YO2 and their work here.