Seagate GoFlex Home

Product: Seagate GoFlex Home 1 TB
Price: $159.00
Rating: Strong Recommend

Network attached storage (NAS) is often a sign of extreme geekiness and dedication to backing up. The problem that remains for most users is the extreme difficulty in setting up NAS products. Not everyone wants to be a network engineer when they arrive home from a day of hard work, especially not us. Thankfully Seagate has introduced the GoFlex Home to automate and simplify the normal difficulty in a setting up a NAS.

Set Up:
When the Seagate arrived the sleek packaging and lack of complex instructions startled us. Normally we are used to a huge text accompanying a simple home networking product. The basic instruction said to set up the device, install the software, and then just follow the simple GUI prompts. Those things accomplished I followed the prompts and was able to easily get our Macs run time machine backups, share files, and work effectively with our windows machines. All this in under 30 minutes and before our dinner was ready!

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The GoFlex Home shows up in our shared network places on the mac, easy to access and sharable across Windows and OS X

Back Up:
Speed of backing up over our network has always been… glacial. Previously we were running our backups through our Airport Extreme which meant our PC’s could not be back up to the same drive drives as the Mac’s. Once we switched our computers over to the GoFlex Home they backed up with regular ease. The slick back up functions were also complimented by a clean and easy to use software suite included with the drive.

The Seagate enables smooth sharing of media between computers on a home network. Once we threw our test media on the server it worked extremely well with iTunes and our photo software. This all on a single hard drive while providing excellent read write speeds for multiple users. The only flaw is the single drive does not provide redundancy if you use the drive as a media storage unit, just back your data up using the provided USB port on the back. Seagate makes it easy to ensure that you will not loose your media if you follow the provided steps.

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The Seagate’s modular nature means you can upgrade the drive as your capacity needs expand

Pros: Easy to use, good looking software
Cons: Forced us to be embarrassed by our shared music collection

Bottom Line:
The Seagate is and excellent network attached storage device for the person who wants a simple robust, and feature-laden device. The drive is good looking enough not to feel a persistent need to hide it. The drive fulfilled our needs and exceeded our expectations. Most importantly, it passed the ultimate test for any device: it did not frustrate us to the point of wanting to chuck it onto concrete.

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