Seagate: Replica Hard Drive Does What It Says, In Style

Seagate: Replica Hard Drive Does What It Says, In Style

Anthony Nguyen
Apr 28, 2009

Some things just look so much sexier in aluminum, no? And we're not just talking about soda pop here, we're talking about shiny accessories to complement your adored PC or Mac. Accessories like Seagate's brand spankin' new Replica drives that drive like a sports car and backups like a uh... well you get the idea. Details, after the jump!

The Replica comes in two flavors: An entry-level 250GB version ($130), which is directed towards single-PC backups and a 500GB version ($200) that comes with a dock, capable of backing up multiple PCs.

Is there really a good reason for the vertical docking station other than to save some space? No, not really. It just looks kinda cool.

Oh, and for the record, there are no USB ports on the right side of the Macbook Pro. We have no idea why they Photoshopped it in there, especially since the software provided works best with a Windows PC (and because Macs already have the built-in Time Machine feature). That's not to say you can't use it on a Mac - it's just sorta...uh, pointless... since you can use any external hard drive (that can be had for much cheaper) to utilize the Time Machine feature.

Otherwise, if you're on a Windows PC, you can enjoy a virtual "Time Machine" user experience by grabbing the Seagate Replica. Full specs on the can be had over here.

(Via Crave)

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