Seasonal Art Collections: Do You Have Seasonal Art?

In the countdown to Halloween I personally am excited to see all of the spooky decorations and designs start popping up again, as well as cool seasonal artwork. It reminds me of how each Christmas a friend of mine puts out a 90-year-old lithograph of a charming holiday scene as part of her decorating. I love the idea of having art that is seasonal. I’ve even considered having a space near the front door specifically for art that can rotate with the season.

I’ve pulled together a little roundup of some green seasonal art. Does anyone else has interesting seasonal pieces and traditions they’d like to share?

Shown above:
1 Little Vintage Hearts, from Sarah and Bendrix, $55
2 Dancing Anyway print, from Deborah Noyes, $15
3 Bat Girl Illustration on recycled dictionary page, from Kiintage, $10
4 Green Ipod, from Haybox, $38
5 El Vez Letterpress print, form Yeehaw, $50
6 Nature Christmas in a recycled window frame, from Pic and Panes, $130

Images: As Linked)