Seasonal Style Secrets: How To Embrace Holiday Decor

Seasonal Style Secrets: How To Embrace Holiday Decor

Adrienne Breaux
Oct 24, 2015

Are you a little envious of homes that always feel so darn festive? That are always filled with so much joy and celebration as they decorate with the changing seasons and holidays? You too can take part in this seasonal home cheerification — here are five secrets that will take your home from quiet to holiday riot.

1. Start early

You know that first hint of a fall breeze you feel way before pumpkin-spiced items start showing up at your favorite coffee shop? That's the time to start thinking about the kind of seasonal decorating you do in your home. Choose any of the ideas below (or your own idea) but don't wait until the last minute to start adding decorative holiday ideas to your home — starting the decorating early means starting the celebrating early (which means you'll have more time to enjoy the holidays and feel less like they are rushing by).

2. DIY

Though there is a wide variety of ready-to-take-home decorative items you can buy, consider doing some DIY decorating for the holidays. Not only will it lend your home a very warm, welcoming, authentic feel, the act of creating decor with your own hands will be a practice in mindfulness and ground you into the calendar as it's changing from season to season.

3. Stick to the important spots

Though it might be fun to decorate your closet for Christmas or your shower for New Year's, those who have homes that feel very cheery all the time aren't necessarily sticking decor everywhere — they're placing decor where it counts. Placing big cheery seasonal decor items in highly visible spots (think on walls that you can see through a doorway as you're standing in another room) and in focal points of rooms (like the fireplace or dining room table) can have the effect of spreading the seasonal cheery feeling throughout the room, even if the decor efforts are concentrated on a smaller spot.

4. Start at the door

And there's perhaps no greater and more important spot to put a little holiday cheer on like your front door, which is the first chance at a holiday impression for yourself and guests. Try for door covers, hangers, wreathes or decorative elements that flank either side of the door to really make a big visual impact.

5. Bring in nature

Part of celebrating the seasons is noticing them and the changes that happen in nature that signal the turn of a season. Bringing those pieces of evidence into your home and transforming them into decor can go a long way into making your home feel like it's paying attention to the seasons. So bring branches and leaves and holly and mistletoe in. Get creative with your cheer from nature.

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