Seasonal Switches: Easy Changes for Refreshing Your Space Throughout the Year

Seasonal Switches: Easy Changes for Refreshing Your Space Throughout the Year

Kimber Watson
Mar 19, 2014
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The change in seasons is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your home. Even the simplest of switches, like swapping out pillows and throws or organizing a cluttered corner, can have a dramatic impact. If you're looking for inexpensive solutions, you could work on a housekeeping or organizational project. If money isn't an object, splurge on a brightly colored rug. If you have more time than money, perhaps you'll be inspired to tackle a stenciled accent wall or some other DIY project. Whatever you choose, a seasonal change may be just what you need to breathe new life into a stale space. Here are some of our best ideas for how to do just that.

1. Clean - Oh, the good ol' spring cleaning. Something everybody knows you should do but most of us loathe actually doing. Spring cleaning (or really, seasonal cleaning) is a bigger task than just your typical weekly cleaning, but the payoff is something you'll appreciate for weeks, if not months. Really consider the things you tend to neglect and address those first. This is a good time to tackle the cluttered and dirty fridge, oven, garbage disposal, windows, baseboards, fans, grout, skylights, etc… And while you're trudging your way through those arduous tasks — think of the absence of dust, dirt and grime as the perfect way to usher in the new season with a blank slate. Even if you did nothing else suggested here, your space will seem reenergized and revived!

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2. Organize & Edit - Organizing and editing what your already own is another way to refresh a space without spending a dime (unless you want to buy a few products to help you tame clutter). A cluttered corner or bookcase can weigh down a room, but after you've sorted, purged and given your items a home, suddenly that same area is now calm and pleasing. If organizing overwhelms you (and we are talking about easy changes after all), start small by just tackling one unruly area. The outcome can often inspire you to keep going. Try these tips from a pro organizer to get the ball rolling.

3. Rearrange Furniture - Rearranging furniture is a brilliant and virtually free way to make a room feel completely different. In a matter of a few hours, you can make a big impact just by swapping out pieces from different rooms or changing the layout of furniture in a single room. You could start by visualizing your furniture in a different layout and then rearranging it, or get a little more serious by developing a floor plan and working from there. And this idea is a no-brainer — if you're not happy with the results, just move the furniture back!

4. Add Color - Adding color is a fun and easy way to change the feel of a room. Does your room already have an accent color or two? If so, then stick with adding pops of color in those shades. If you're working with a neutral room, then you have more freedom. Pick a color that works with your space and adds interest and personality. You could go big and bold by injecting color with one large item like an area rug or oversized artwork, or by painting an accent wall. Or you could intersperse small, colorful items throughout by choosing candles, picture frames, pillows, a throw, etc…

5. Swap Out Fabrics - Fabrics are such a great way to breathe new life into a room. Just as the clothes we wear change from season to season, the same could be said for the fabrics in our home. Heavier fabrics like velvet or wool are great for winter because they're warm and insulating. But when it's time to usher in spring, switching your curtains to lighter-weight fabrics or sheers makes the room feel brighter by allowing more sunshine in. The same rule can be easily applied to your blankets and throws, pillows, slipcovers, lampshades, or even rugs.

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6. Introduce Texture - Just like with color, a space without texture can feel stark and boring. Texture might not be as obvious as color, but it can still make just as big of an impact. Texture comes in many forms, so there are numerous ways to add texture to a room. The most obvious would be with textiles, but you can expand upon that by incorporating texture through wood accents, wallpaper, tile, plants, artwork, even furniture. Consciously adding and playing with texture — especially layered and contrasting textures — can be a quick way to transform any room. Stuck? Here are ten tips for how to add texture to a room.

7. Create a Fresh Tablescape - If you already have a tablescape, why not switch it up as the seasons change and — if you don't — try creating one. For spring or summer, nature elements can create a refreshing tablescape, and can be virtually free! By gathering shells, stones, feathers, branches, or moss, and incorporating those finds with decorative accents you already own, you can liven up a table, desk or bookcase.

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8. Rethink Your Greenery - I'm talking about your houseplants, terrariums, and fresh flower arrangements. They add texture, color and interest, and literally breathe new life into a room. This could be as simple as repotting a houseplant in a funky new planter or starting a forced bulb arrangement (the perfect project for black-thumbs to attempt!). If you do nothing else, a simple arrangement of fresh flowers can perk up any space.

9. Tackle a DIY Project - Who doesn't have a slew of fabulous DIY projects pinned to a Pinterest board? Personally, I have tons of ideas just waiting for the day that I have loads of extra free time. If you have DIY pins (or ideas), why not sort through them and pick one that will help you achieve a "seasonal switch" listed above? For example, I'be been wanting to DIY a block-printed linen duvet. And a linen duvet would be perfect to switch to this spring. Maybe you want to work on on introducing texture to a room. Stenciling an accent wall could be a way to add a pop of color as well as create the illusion of texture.

10. What are your suggestions for refreshing your room from season to season? I'm leaving #10 blank for you to offer up your tried and true suggestions in the comment section below.

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