Second Chances: Six New Ways to Use an Oversize Urn

Second Chances: Six New Ways to Use an Oversize Urn

Sarah Firshein
May 21, 2010

Faced with a totally wacky-shaped (and functionally useless) nook between two window seats in my own apartment, I embarked last week on a search to find just the right decorative urn that might fill the space—much to my better half's chagrin. More decorative stuff?! he implored. Why do to need to buy stuff like urns with no use?!. I saw his point—urns in floor vignettes of many big-box design stores are purely decorative, sure—but the list below proposes some other applications. No use? Wanna bet?

  1. If you've got a squat one with a wide mouth, stash it in the bathroom for use as a rusticated magazine holder.

  2. Turned upside down—make sure you clean off the base!—it becomes a funky end table when placed by the side of a couch. A piece of glass cut to size would add a finished-looking detail on top.

  3. If the urn is heavy, use it as a doorstop between oft-traveled-through rooms, such as the kitchen and, say, dining room.

  4. Use a pair as bookends; place thick coffee table or art/design books between them.

  5. Turn a garden urn with a wide opening into a place to stash scarves, hats, foldable weekend bags and other soft accessories in the bedroom or mudroom.

  6. Move a tall, skinny one beyond its dried-branch rap and use it by the entry to store umbrellas.

(Image: The Gardener's Eden)

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