Secret Snooping: What's Okay (or Even Expected) and What's Really Off-Limits

Secret Snooping: What's Okay (or Even Expected) and What's Really Off-Limits

Jennifer Hunter
Jun 17, 2015

Everyone is curious about how their friends and neighbors live but some guests just take it a little too far. So where's the line? When is it okay to sneak a peek and what is pushing the limits of justifiable behavior? Here's our guide.

Go For It:

Bathroom Cabinet
This one's a freebie. Everyone knows that the bathroom cabinet is a free-for-all for snooping. Any guest in your home has probably taken a peek (even if they were just "looking for an Advil." Just accept this one. If you're worried about your privacy in a shared bath, keep your unmentionables in a more secluded spot.

I love seeing inside other people's refrigerators. I think it's a fascinating indicator of how they live, which I just find so interesting. When your host offers you a drink or a snack, take a satisfying peek into their fridge- you're allowed.

The neighbor's windows (from the street)
Keep it legal, peeps! No sneaking through the bushes to get a glimpse inside, but if your neighbors just happen to have their blinds open and their lights on at dusk, there's no harm in catching a glimpse at the interiors of the homes in your neighborhood. You never know what great decor ideas you may discover.


A closed drawer in someone's home is closed to you! There's no excuse to rummage around any drawer that you haven't been given specific permission to access. End of story.

Not okay! Digital snooping is not cool. Anything that has a password (even if it's not activated) is off-limits.

No lady likes it when you go into her purse unless you've been asked to retrieve a specific thing (in which case, thanks!). Consider a handbag an extension of a woman's own body: only touch it with permission.

Now it's your turn! Tell us where you think it's okay to snoop and where you'd never dare.

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