This Color-Changing Succulent Is Ruby Pink for Most of the Year

updated May 10, 2020
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We love succulents — not just because they’re easy to care for, but also because they come in so many varieties: ones that look like bunnies, hearts, or roses, ones that glow in the dark, and other unique ones you may not have seen yet. Here’s another: the Sedeveria pink ruby, which ranges in color throughout the year from green to bright pink.

Many succulents turn pink or red in response to stressful conditions, like changes in light, temperature, or water levels. The Sedeveria pink ruby just has a particularly dramatic response, according to Best.

You can find this bright succulent on Etsy, Amazon, and nursery websites. Etsy shop The Next Gardener explains that the Sedeveria pink ruby varies in color throughout the year depending on its conditions: It’s pinkest from fall to spring and may fade to green during the summer.

Sedeveria are a cross between sedum and echeveria succulents, and they are particularly low-maintenance, according to Gardening Know How. They’re rosette-shaped with thick, padded leaves, usually in shades of green.

They just need a little water and lots of sunlight, and they’ll brighten your room for their lifetime.