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See How Our Social Editor Gave Her Living Room a “Traditional with a Twist” Makeover

published Mar 11, 2024
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Credit: Rachel Otero

Scent is the sense that’s most closely tied to memory, yet so often it’s the one most likely to be overlooked. If you want to spruce up a space this spring, try using this olfactory power to lean into nostalgia. You may find that with little more than a few items you already own and a couple of small purchases, you can channel familiar and soothing vibes to freshen up your space!

Credit: Photo: Joseph Keller; Caroline Woodward

This is what our social editor, Rachel Otero, did this spring when she wanted to reenergize her space quickly and affordably. She found one tiny “moment” in her space — her mantel — that would be a good candidate for a micro-makeover in a trend she’s loving: Soft Modernism. It’s a timeless and cozy look, defined by clean lines and warm neutrals with a touch of casual glam. Glade® PlugIns® MaxControl in Clean Linen® completes the vibe, giving her space a whole refresh, all in an afternoon. Here’s how she did it.

Credit: Photo: Joseph Keller; Caroline Woodward

The Perfect Spot

The Old World charm of Rachel’s Boston apartment lends itself to the Soft Modernism trend. The space has classic mantel and chair rail moldings that play nicely with details like the modern silhouette of a leather accent chair. The beautifully carved antique mirror is the cherry on top. By keeping her color palette simple but warm, Rachel allows the apartment’s built-in charms to shine.

Credit: Photo: Joseph Keller; Caroline Woodward

Get Some Fresh Air

One of the most important details in Rachel’s micro-moment is one you can’t even see: a signature fragrance. She chose Glade® PlugIns® with MaxControl in Clean Linen® for its notes of clean laundry, crisp air, and lily of the valley. What could be more nostalgic — or more refreshing — than the scent of clean laundry, drying out in the sun? With MaxControl™ technology, Rachel can adjust the level of fragrance to her liking with five different settings. Branches of pussy willow styled in an antique vase and a woven basket of blankets are perfect complements to the fragrance’s floral and earthy mood.

Credit: Photo: Joseph Keller; Caroline Woodward

Design Is in the Details

The term “timeless trend” may sound like an oxymoron, but when it comes to Soft Modernism, it’s the perfect description. Classic silhouettes pair with warm neutral colors, natural textures, and contemporary accents to make the space feel both fresh and familiar. Those thoughtful accents and mindful balance are what tie the space together — and make it uniquely Rachel. 

Try Glade® PlugIns® with MaxControl and give your space a whole new vibe instantly.