See My Artwork! Contest: #11 - Tash's West Broadway Discoveries

See My Artwork! Contest: #11 - Tash's West Broadway Discoveries

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 24, 2006

Name: Tash
Location: Weehawken, NJ
All Other Entries: Link Here

Artwork: Self Portrait by Kiara & Shadowbox Piece by Unknown
Purchased/Found: West Broadway & Spring
Price: $0 & $60

The first piece is a self portrait of my sister Kiara. She created this for a final project in college a few years ago. The small art piece next to Kiara was done by a street artist in Soho. He is from Vermont and sells these unique shadowbox pieces (made out of wire from a porch screens) on the streets in West Broadway and Spring. I paid $60. I don't know his name. If the light hits it just right, a unique shadow forms. It's usually in our kitchen. I give a bit more explanation below.

Artwork: Woman's Face by Jacinta!
Purchased/Found: West Broadway & Spring
Price: $60

The second art piece is a large one I commissioned by an artist i met on the streets in SOHO. It's the first thing you see when you walk into the door of our apartment. The artist's name is Jacinta Stewart. She is originally from australia. .(Email Jacinta!

Hi, I've been way too shy about entering any of these contests, but I love art and I think I have a unique way of finding and attaining good, original, affordable art.

I started collecting original art about ten years ago. However, it wasn't until I moved to the New York City area with my husband three years ago that I really started.

I buy my art on the streets of New York City.

Every Saturday and Sunday, I walk around the city and talk to fascinating artists.I never buy the ubiquitous stuff bought by Midwestern tourists (sorry, I love the Midwest, really I do) Instead, I converse with the artists about what inspired a favorite piece. So in our apartment - nearly everything is original or a limited edition and I know the back story behind each piece. Most it has been purchased for no more than $50 to $800 bucks. Only one piece cost as much as $800. One limited edition, which is my husband's office, was done by a man from Senegal - a famous African stampmaker. Now, he paints and sells his art on the streets of Spring and West Broadway and is probably one of the most well-respected of the street artist in Soho. He does a sort of African cubism.

There is also this big grizzly of a guy named Steven Duffy who sells fantastic etchings for $25 or more. There are some that's less. All of these guys are in the same spot in Soho - around West Broadway and Spring. Duffy has sold several pieces to some famous celebrities scouting the streets for art.

One of my favorites: It's sort of a portrait-sculptor of a woman's face. The face is made out of the same material used to make porch screens. The artist is from Vermont. It cost me $60 and everyone loves it. But the colorful portrait you are looking at comes from Jacita Stewart.(Email Jacinta! She is an artist from Australia. She lives in SOHO, where she rents a room from an 80-year-old artist. I met Jacita on around Spring and West Broadway as I was checking out art for an article i was working on. Jacita was standing on the streets with the most beautiful art piece of a European-looking woman. A dog was just about to pee on it. I fell madly inlove with the piece and commissioned a similar piece, but I wanted it to be of a woman of color. I paid about $800 for it. It is the first thing you see when you walk into our apartment. Everyone has their opinion of it. The other piece you see - a seminude self-portrait - is of my sister. This was her final project for college. It has to do with body image and hair. She is stunningly beautiful in real life and I think the art piece shows that. I have much more in my apartment, but I hope you enjoy what you see. We do! Tash from Weehawken, NJ
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