See My Artwork! Contest: #31 - Nadine's Many, Many Walls

See My Artwork! Contest: #31 - Nadine's Many, Many Walls

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 1, 2006

Name: Nadine W.
Location: NYC
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My daughter Darcie and I moved into our new apartment in April 2005; in December, all our art still was leaning in a huge pile against a wall. Vowing to have everything hung by New Year's, I placed an ad with Parsons and Pratt looking for someone with an artistic eye to help hang. It's hard to decide where to hang many things, especially after getting rid of many walls…

No response to my ad…perhaps school vacation the culprit? A stroke of brilliance! Placed ad on Craig's list and was soon inundated with calls from incredibly creative people with artistic eyes. Hired a recent art school from Minnesota. Decided six eyes were better than four and hired another recent art grad who had worked in a gallery. We worked from 4 to 8:30 framing and hanging. It cost $100. A small price to pay.

Then, I saw the contest and thought it was a sign. But, the rules say GOOD photos…My camera—not so great to begin with—is broken. So I took these hideous photos with a disposable with flash….And, I'm not such a great photographer to begin with. OY… Thought that could also be a sign, but I disregarded it!

Here goes…(I know you only said two….but….)

1. Untitled red nudes are by a wonderful Japanese artist named Kaori Kayo. I bartered rent for these and another huge black and grey nude that I call Eve (1A…note white painters pants in left corner of canvas). The red nudes are each 3x5 feet. I think they're very mysterious. …are those birds or leaves in the background? The red nudes definitely had to go on the wall above the couch, but it was hard to find a wall for Eve, which is 3-3/4' x 6'. The wall between the bedrooms was the choice…At first I was disappointed because the beams holding the kitchen island block the painting. Now, I like coming upon her from an angle. I also like the art on either side of the column: view of ½ a drawing by Darcie and a black, white and red Collier's magazine cover that I bought at a flea market. I hope Kaori is still painting. Last I heard, she married a French musician and moved to either France or Japan.

2. Darcie dancing with disco ball.. The bad photography doesn't show how the orange in this painting picks up the orange kitchen tiles. Kids are wonderful artists. I got very cheap clip frames for Darcie's art…looks great.

3. This is an Egon Schiele drawingt I bought from MOMA about eight years ago. It's such a high quality print (I think it cost $50) that it looks original (I wish)…I couldn't resist the beautiful arts and crafts frame which cost about 15 times the price of the print. On the other side of the column (right) are two prints by an old friend of mine Doug Hartman and Darcie (the artist). To the left: a tiny b/w print my uncle owned, and a really beautiful silhouette of two children playing in a swing on a big tree, which I bought for $75 at the annual Hancock Shaker Village folk art show about 15 years ago.

4. To the right of the bathroom are two numbered wood cuts by an artist named Francisco Linna…Bargain of the century… $50 at a garage sale. On the opposite wall Darcie (as statue of liberty) poses under her collage (see tiny grinning statue of liberty in left hand corner)…In the bathroom itself, three more Darcie artworks: the multimedia star with sparkles and swirls. Can you see the orange in these two pieces picks up the orange of the tile (same as kitchen)? To the right, another Darcie painting "Every child has the right to go to school). Opposite, is a Seattle film festival poster that I bought about 25 years ago for $8.

5. Finally, I can only mention (my finger was over the lens) The Dream, a painting over my bed by an outstanding Chicago artist—my cousin--Rex Sexton. You can look at his work, which starts at $800 at

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