See My Artwork! Contest: #4 – Priya’s Antigirl Discovery

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Priya
Location: Spanish Harlem, NYC
All Other Entries: Link Here

Artwork: Collage Work by Tiphanie Brooke
Purchased/Found: Online at (click on “on the cheap“)
Price: @ $20.50

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I was introduced to Tiphanie’s collage work around 2001 through her
online portfolio and have been admiring it since then. Her collages are so texturally yummy… chock full of torn found papers, patterns, illustration and artfully cropped photography. Her eye for typography, balance and scale is amazing as is her color sensibility.

I very recently began getting into buying original artwork from
artists I admire. In the past my walls have been adorned with only my
own artwork. I don’t have much time to make art anymore because of my
9-5, but love the work of so many other artists. Being able to support them is very important to me. (I also just moved into a duplex with 15′ ceilings and thusly tons of bare walls so the push to commit and buy things I love only got greater!)