See My Artwork! Contest: Brooke is Finalist #3

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Brooke
Original Entry “Brooke’s Antique Collectibles”
Location: Upper East Side, NYC
All Western Entries: Link Here
All Eastern Entries: link Here

Who was your favorite contestant from the contest?:

My favorite other contestant would be Laura Kim. I love her style. The colors are so rich and the pieces so personal. I feel you can really tell a lot about her from the pictures she has shown. My favorite piece: The Dia de los Muertos figurine.

What one thing would you change (if money were no object)?:

If money were no object, the thing I would first change about my apartment would be the window treatments…

I would find beautiful, rich fabrics that would accent the copper curtain rods I just cobbled up but not detract from my art pieces. As the windows are oddly configured, I have had the damndest time settling on a style. I love my view and I want to see it, I just don’t want the rest of the world seeing me.

Good luck to everyone,

Photo 1: The photograph is of the dining nook in my apartment (above). The African ceremonial hat was a gift from my mother (therefore purchase origin unknown) and the plaster head was found while I was travelling in India. The suitcases I have picked up at tag sales and thrift shops over the last few years. The photograph of the chalk is by Allison Shaw ( ) and the black and white photograph of Prague is by an artist whose name I can’t find…but will!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Photo 2: In my kitchen I have the front and back cover of an old Hunt’s Baking Soda promotional cookbook framed separately. The clock is from Ikea. The wall color is Juicy Passionfruit.