See My Artwork! Contest: Turquoise – 4th Place Tie

Our four in-house judges made final decisions over the weekend. Each judge awarded 5 points for first place on down to 1 point for fifth, and then everything was totalled up. The results we’re largely unanimous but surprising. Here’s the first of our day-long rollout. And the envelope please….

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Turquoise’ Only Painting
Location: Venice, CA
Place: Fourth Overall
Points: 8.5

Judges Comments:

JillThe placement and loving arrangement of objects–both on the wall and on the table– evokes order and beauty. It takes a special eye to buy art off eBay!

AlecThis shot is truly great and belongs in a glossy magazine. The work looks substantial and everything around it is beautifully merchandised. I’d love to be at a cocktail party here, but I’m not sure if it would hold my attention much longer than that.

SKGRThis one was hard for me. It’s really well done, but it’s not my style of art. The grey wall is a perfect background and the frame picks up on the bench. Overall, a strong sense of composition.

MaxwellTurquois is glamorous and picture perfect, but a little cool for my tastes. I suppose I respond better to the warmer rooms. The wall is perfectly arranged but the art is a little random. Not totally convinced.

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