See My Artwork! Contest: Brooke – 1st Place!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Name: Brooke’s Antique Collectibles
Location: Upper East Side, NYC
Place: First Overall
Points: 19

Judges Comments:

JillI really appreciate the chutzpah as well as forethought of acquiring such a huge object (the Rainbow), finding the perfect space for it, and by doing so, making it art.

AlecThis was a close call for me as Brooke’s space seems the most grown-up, sexy and livable. (Perhaps she is being punished for being too good) But while her room looked “camera ready” the look did not linger as long as Katie’s did.

SKGRBrooke just seems the most enthusiastic about living with art in her home – from her eBay purchases to her purchases directly from artists. She’s been collecting for a while and it shows.

MaxwellWhile each piece of work and the interior didn’t hit me over the head, I felt this interior had the most balance and sophistication. I gave it highest marks.

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