See My Artwork! Contest: #1 - Pamela's Red Room

See My Artwork! Contest: #1 - Pamela's Red Room

Maxwell Ryan
Jan 12, 2006

Name: Pamela
Location: Washington, DC

I have a very firm belief in 1) original paintings 2) spending no more than $100 (use to be $25, but then I fell in love with the "twins.") They are pictured in the room with the two red paintings (mine, to fill the space).

Artwork: The Twins - artist unknown
Purchased/Found: Rough and Ready, Washington, DC
Price: $90

The main event here is the painting of the twins. Never fails to disturb my dates. I've contemplated it for a long time and decided they were the children of a Nazi who went into hiding in perhaps Cartagena, without his wife, and he brought his boys along. I believe the boys were being buggered by the artist -- if you look closely, they are very angry, covering themselves protectively, and their lips are painted very sensuously and ripely. More below...

The older one, I like to think, has newly discovered powers of telekinesis to cause mayhem and the younger one is getting set for some serious violence.

Anyway, I love them and am deathly afraid one night I'll wake up and find the frame and the painting there, but the boys gone...creeping through my house somewhere. I paid $90 for them (including the frame) at Rough and Ready in DC (14th Street NW). Walked in, first thing I saw, bought it within 30 seconds of entering store.

Artwork: The Red Paintings by Pam herself
Price: $???

As for the red paintings... I did the larger one for an ex-boyfriend turned friend whose girlfriend moved in and made him give it back. I think they are gonna break up and I worry that he is going to ask for the painting. It is painted on an old bulletin board because I lacked a proper canvas in the right size.)

Artwork: Tiny Painting
Purchased/Found: Eastern Market, Washington, DC
Price: $10

The tiny painting I picked up at Eastern Market (Washington DC, a Capitol Hill neighborhood institution). According to the vendor selling it, he got it at an estate sale in Baltimore and he says the guy who painted it did the statistical analysis for the Manhatten Project. It looks like a beating heart. I love it. It cost $10.

Artwork: Hall mural by Pam herself Price: $10

The second shot is a painted mural of birch trees on my entry stairs -- I had slapped up a coat of brown paint (Spice Nut, Duron -- same as on the wall holding the twins) but because no natural light it was much too dark. So using blue painters tape, I masked off tree trunks and bark and painted it all white. Then pulled off the tape. The whole masking/painting process took about 90 minutes. A very satisfying afternoon. I am not an artist by any stretch but it was fun to do. Cost about $10. Many more treasured paintings to show...but limited to two.


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