See My Artwork! Contest #9: ebrown's Two Contemporary Favorites

See My Artwork! Contest #9: ebrown's Two Contemporary Favorites

Jan 27, 2006

Name: ebrown
Location: Oakland, CA.

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Artwork: Adam and Eve by Janet McKenzie (Detailed image below fold)
Purchased/Found: Good Hands Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

(McKenzie's) paintings have a religious focus: I love the fact that she often uses First People as models. I now have four of her pieces. There is another of her paintings on the wall adjacent to Adam and Eve; try as I might, I was unable to get a get a decent shot of both pieces. This painting resides in my bedroom; my bed was below it until a few weeks ago when I pushed the bed to the opposite wall so that the painting would be the first thing I see upon waking. Janet McKenzie lives in Vermont, but was living in New Mexico when this painting was done. I love that blue.

Artwork: by Anthony Holdsworth (Detailed image below fold) Purchased/Found: Oakland, CA.

Anthony Holdsworth is a plein air artist who lives in Oakland, CA. I first became interested in his art while I was a student. He had a couple of shows at a nearby café. I was particularly interested in a series of manhole covers and fire hydrants that he did. He was also a political activist, and donated some of his work to support issues that I, too, supported. I went to a number of his shows and was finally able, at different times, to purchase two of his paintings from him. The painting of the stove is very like the kitchen in the house I lived in when I became interested in his work. The other painting was done after the Loma Prieta earthquake when much of downtown Oakland was in significant disrepair. You can see the texture of the street, which reminds me of the manhole cover paintings I first admired. I recently moved the table that stood under the paintings and moved the much lower carved chest there. We store heavy sweaters and other winter gear there so there has to be some clearance. The rug and pillows are there because our kitty, Isabella has made them her January bed.

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