Here’s What Seinfeld’s Apartment Would Look Like in 2018

updated May 3, 2019
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Move over Fourth of July, we have another important summer holiday to celebrate: It’s been 29 years since Seinfeld debuted on July 5, 1989 and introduced us to Jerry, his best friends Elaine, George, and Kramer, and his iconic one-bedroom Upper West Side apartment.

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To commemorate such a momentous occasion, break out the Festivus pole a little early and then check out what e-design company Modsy imagined Jerry’s apartment would look like today with some modern updates. Like their re-imaginings of the Friends apartment and Carrie Bradshaw’s fashionable pad, the Modsy team also redesigned the apartment with Elaine, George, and Kramer in mind. There’s no way Jerry would’ve handed the keys to his place over to any of his buddies (not like keys ever stopped Kramer), but it’s still fun to think about. There are links to the products you’ll see in the images below, so you can concentrate on finding all the Seinfeld easter eggs included in each apartment. And yes, there’s a Fusilli Jerry. Apartment Therapy is pretty sweet on Fusilli Jerry.


If Jerry didn’t want to move out of his apartment after the Newman flea infestation, it’s safe to say he’d still be in the very same apartment today. Alessandra Wood, Design History PhD and Modsy’s Director of Style knows that Jerry’s quite the germaphobe (remember Shelly and the pecans?) who always kept his apartment neat and tidy, and so employed Modsy’s “Contemporary Minimalist” style to the 2018 redesign. Jerry’s one-bedroom is still “clean and comfortable,” and the set-up remains pretty much the same from what you’ll remember, complete with an ample supply of cereal. The space is updated with some new furniture, but remains in the gray and blue color family. And no, Poppie will not be invited to stop-by any time soon.


You gotta come see the apartment! Elaine seems pretty comfortable in her own place, but if she were living in Jerry’s apartment in 2018, Wood believes she’d decorate with a “Modern Rustic” sensibility, and the place would be full of “classic and comfortable pieces with rustic accents.” There are vibrant pops of color in this reimagining, but Elaine probably would’ve gone even further and added some fun wallpaper or a giant typographic print with “Get out!” written on it. Although we can’t see Elaine wanting to keep around memories of her infamous Christmas card, the shout-outs to the Soup Nazi and Puddy (see his 8-ball jacket on the coat rack?) are a nice touch. We don’t get a look at the linen closet, but it’s most likely full of rolls of toilet paper to avoid any flashbacks to the “spare a square” incident. One should be spared having to relive a spare a square incident.


Forget everything else, George’s take on Jerry’s apartment includes the purple chaise lounge from his “Timeless Art of Seduction” photo shoot and that’s all that matters. Both the piece of furniture and the photo portrait itself (seen here on the wall), are both glorious. Wood calls George’s take on Jerry’s apartment “Inviting Industrial,” which “consists of comfortable pieces with minimal and masculine accents.” The headquarters of Vandelay Industries gets upgraded with a soft leather sofa, a chic cement table, and a print of George’s answering machine message (that latter brings the home value way up). And of course, no home of George Costanza’s could be complete without some cocktail shrimp. No word on if there’s a Jerk Store sign hanging somewhere else in the apartment.


There’s no way Kramer would ever be this put together, but maybe with some help from Modsy, he could utilize elements from their “Rustic Traveler” aesthetic and wind up with a fashionable apartment. Wood says the redesign “was largely inspired by the tropical patterns and colors of the Hawaiian shirts he often wore during the series.” Modsy added a vintage trunk for the coffee table and an orange papasan chair to keep the laid back vibe going. There are hints of the Kramer we know and love throughout the design: Frank’s screen door (for “the cool evening breezes of any time U.S.A.), his stunning portrait, and yes, his coffee table book about coffee tables that turns into a mini-coffee table. We imagine the entire place smells like the way you smell when you first come home from the beach. Breathe it in.