If You Pick This Seat On An Airplane, You Might Be a Selfish Person

published Aug 25, 2018
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We’re sorry to start things off with name calling, but we promise we’re not the ones pointing any fingers. That would be two psychologists throwing around some hurtful words. And the reason you might be considered selfish? It all comes down to the seat you pick on an airplane.

Everyone’s had to choose – do you want the window or the aisle seat? This is something that plagues people who fly Economy or Basic Economy. No one actually wants to pick the middle seat if they can avoid it. The person in the middle seat always gets squished on both sides, has nowhere to comfortably rest their arms and head, and honestly has the biggest disadvantage at boarding and departure time.

If you pick the window seat, it might be because you enjoy the view. Or, maybe you just like to lean your head against the window to take a nap. People who pick the aisle seat might be choosing the location for prime access to the bathroom and when it is time to deplane. Picking one of these two options though, apparently makes you selfish.

According to two psychologists interviewed by The Telegraph, people who pick the window seat might be more selfish, while people who sit on the aisle are more reserved. Dr. Becky Spelman, the chief psychologist at Harley Street’s Private Therapy Clinic, said:

“Passengers who favor the window seat like to be in control, tend to take an ‘every man for themselves’ attitude towards life, and are often more easily irritable. They also like to ‘nest’ and prefer to exist in their own bubble.”

She’s not wrong about trying to nest when sitting in the window seat. Have you ever made a little pillow-blanket nest while trying to rest on a long flight?

Behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings agreed with Dr. Spelman and added:

“Aisle passengers are often more sociable and definitely more amenable as people; they are also more likely to be restless fliers and less adept at sleeping on planes,” Hemmings added.

Statistically, it seems not all fliers at selfish, as the aisle seat is more popular than the window seat. According to the website ExpertFlyer, more than seven in 10 air travelers looked for an aisle seat over a window seat when booking a flight.