Sell Your Big Tech Before A Big Move

Sell Your Big Tech Before A Big Move

Kristen Lubbe
Aug 3, 2010

Moving is a pain, no matter how you try to spin it &mdash it just is. It's especially hard when you're moving a far distance, across the country or even to another country. We've come to collect large items that are costly and inconvenient to trek with us, so, why not just get rid of them?

While pondering a move to Spain, we've realized that we wouldn't be bringing much with us. Our laptops, bikes and cats &mdash everything else must go! There's really no need to bring anything else with us.

Why don't we want to bring anything else? Simple, money! It's extremely expensive to ship heavy and large items. Most companies price packages according to their weight, so our $70 IKEA desk would most likely cost $70 to ship because it's rather heavy. We can just sell it and buy a new or used one when we move.

Tech is extremely easy to sell. We have a large LCD TV that we could easily sell, not only would it save us money and anxiety from trying to ship it, but it'll put money in our pockets to put into purchasing a new or used TV when we get settled in our new space. The same goes for desktop computers. They're rather bulky and extremely heavy. If you're not able to afford to ship it, back everything up on an external harddrive and sell it!

Do you sell your big tech before a big move?

Image: Kristen Lubbe

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