September is Nesting Month

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are we a little crispy? Yes we are. You don’t leave New York City for a week, head to the far west and completely erase from your memory the notion of email, cell phones and online blogging without a little grogginess on re-entry. On the other hand, slow as our fingers are on the keyboard, we feel re-freshed as a daisy and can’t believe how small and cluttered our apartment now seems (perhaps it is all the unpacked luggage).

That said, we are devoting the rest of September to NESTING, which means cleaning up and bedding down in a way that most of us haven’t since the warm weather released us last spring. We will be focusing on things that need to be done to get our apartments back in shape as well as beautifu and comfortabe items that will make our home that much nicer to come home to.

It is time to get our insides ready for the sweater season and clean out all the sand from the beach as well as the junk that has accumulated without our knowing. It’s a great time to NEST. MGR