September: One More Week of Adornment

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Adding the details and precise decorative touches to our home is the fun part: it means you’ve covered the previous steps of repair, maintenance, furnishings and general design. This is the stage that those undertaking the 8-step Home Cure will eventually reach – the fun, “adornment” stage that AT’s been highlighting for inspiration throughout September.

This week, we’ll continue finding fantastic, original ideas for adornment – out in the world, and through our readers’ input – and move into a month all about COLOR in October with the annual I’ve Got Color Contest. Last year, Chicago showed that we were a most inspired, colorful bunch, and we’re confident this year will be fantastic as well. Get your entries ready!

Though this month has been all about beauty in our homes, it has also been the most beautiful Chicago we remember. The bright mornings, warm days and cool nights have been uncharacteristic of our city of extremes, and we’ve been enjoying every second of it. Nonetheless, we’re reminded that summer has ended, and with that we will inevitably spend more time thinking about and focusing on our life inside.

As September winds down, we can’t wait to see what Chicago has to offer in terms of COLOR next month. See all Color Contest details here.