This Service Is Here to Save Your Old Towels and Linens

published Jul 7, 2018
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(Image credit: Tintoreria)

There is almost nothing worse than throwing out something you love. It practically feels like throwing money in the garbage can. Even if it is a piece of clothing you bought five or six years ago, it still feels so wasteful to throw it out if isn’t torn, but it just looks “old.”

Now you don’t have to worry about tossing out old linens, if you live near Brooklyn, that is. There is a service that is here to save all of your beloved goods. Tintoreria is a Brooklyn-based company that works with the community to restore items.

By working with local restaurants, Tintoreria donated food and plant waste to be able to dye old clothing and make it look like something beautiful and new.

When speaking with Vogue, the founder Maria Romero, said:

“We do garments, accessories, sheets and duvet covers. The only rule is that they have to be made out of a natural fiber, as natural color won’t yield on synthetic fibers, and [they] should be white or ivory.”
(Image credit: Tintoreria)

According to Tintoreria’s website, the idea for this came from Pompeii. A primary activity in the city of Pompeii was the laundry and dye house. There were many workshops around the city, that worked with raw wool, spinning and weaving, dyeing, and washing.

“Last year I visited Pompeii’s ruins, I spent a long time at the Stephanus’s Fullery, amazed by it, trying to imagine how all worked back in the day, since then I wanted to bring this activity back to the city, a year later Tintoreria will be serving the Brooklyn community.”

The process is pretty simple, very eco-friendly, and convenient. Local businesses donate their food waste (avocado is perfect for pinky hues), Tintoreria collects the waste, clothing gets dropped off while Tintoreria brews the dye, and then they’re able to turn the old clothing into something new!

You can drop off your clothing and linens, or you can use their mail service.

H/T: Vogue