8 Services That Claim to Make Life Easier for Busy People

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The dirty little secret about being a blogger for Apartment Therapy — or fill-in-the-blank with pretty much any contemporary profession — is that you don’t have time to take care of a lot of the small details in your own home (or life for that matter). I know very few people with the spare time to stay ahead of their laundry, much less redecorate. For anyone who finds themselves in this situation, there are people you can pay to help you.

  1. Fancy Hands: Founded last year by developer Ted Roden, Fancy Hands is an online personal assistant service that costs $35 per month for 15 tasks. Their most frequently requested tasks include restaurant and hotel reservations, car services, haircuts, finding places that have iPads in stock, and — here’s a surprising one — tracking down ad rates for major blogs.
  2. Laundry Local: Available in New York and Los Angeles, this is a website that connects customers with local laundry services. Pick-up, delivery, and payments are all scheduled and processed online — it’s a new service and we don’t know much beyond the basics, so let us know if you’ve used them in the comments.
  3. Eureka Furniture Assembly: Don’t want to suffer through the pain of assembling your flat-packed IKEA media console? If you live in Toronto, Eureka Furniture Assembly will put it together for you for anywhere from $25 to $45.
  4. IKEA Pick-Up and Delivery by Eric: Are you someone who experiences a panic attack whenever you shop at IKEA? If you live in New York, Eric will take care of it for you. He’ll pick up and deliver your stuff — he’ll even shop — for between $80 and $155. Furniture assembly is an extra $35 an hour.
  5. Birthdays Without Pressure: Founded by parents and professionals in St. Paul, Minnesota, this organization believes that the expectations surrounding children’s birthday parties have gotten out of hand. No, they won’t plan your party for you, but they will give you free ideas for reducing the pressure and they’ll connect you with resources and other parents who are sick of the stress.
  6. Bath Simple: Anyone who’s ever undertaken a bathroom renovation knows that it always takes longer than you think it will. Bath Simple strives to cut down on the time and cost of remodeling with online design tools, an in-home design service, a “bathroom in a box” that ships to your door, and a network of certified contractors that they’ll organize for you.
  7. 1-800-Got-Junk?: This full-service junk removal company will load up a truck and haul your stuff to be donated or recycled. Pricing starts around $100, and they broom clean the area before they leave.
  8. Speedy Fixit: Only operating in Manhattan, this is a “prompt, reliable, and reasonably priced home repair service” that’s available to help with small jobs around the house, whether it’s a room that needs painting, artwork that needs hanging, or a doorknob that needs to be replaced.

Who do you rely on to help you get through life’s many little tasks? Share your sources in the comments.