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Make This the Year You Go All Out with an Epic Holiday Light Show

published Nov 20, 2023
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Credit: Govee

This time of year, there’s nothing more magical than a snowy scene of holiday lights twinkling in the night sky or glowing in the window. Contrary to what Clark Griswold would have you believe, turning your home’s facade into a full-on light show doesn’t have to be an extreme sport. It’s a lot easier now! And way more fun.

Whether you want a subtle accent or a holiday spectacle that will make passersby slow down in admiration, Govee holiday lighting decor outshines the rest. Gone are the days of temperamental bulbs, fussy connections, and acrobatic installations. Govee just released several Christmas smart lights to help you effortlessly shine through this holiday season. Govee’s indoor and outdoor lights are straightforward to install and come equipped with customizable smart bulbs, picturesque preset scenes, and synchronizable displays for next-level effects. You can even cut or connect them to size (without needing electrician certification). Whatever your vision, it just takes a few taps on your smartphone to bring it to life.

Credit: Govee

Set Up an Outdoor Holiday Light Show

The secret is the Govee Outdoor Lightshow Box. Don’t let its size fool you: This little hub is the life of the holiday party, corralling up to 10 devices for easy, all-in-one control. Want to set both the Christmas String Lights in your living room and the Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro outside to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman”? Easy. Display the neighborhood’s coolest Santa in Curtain Lights? No problem. With Govee, you can go big and bright one night and clear and quiet the next.

Credit: Govee

Be Merry and Bright Indoors, Too

Inside, Christmas String Lights let you customize your holiday vibes, with the ability to independently assign each LED bead one of 16 million (!!) colors. Or, you know, don’t: Use the more than 99 dynamic scene modes to add ambiance in an instant. There’s even a built-in mic for syncing with your favorite tunes. Govee Christmas String Lights are IP65 Waterproof and can withstand temperatures as low as -4°F, so use them outside too — they’ll stand up to even the snowiest weather.

Credit: Govee

Curtain Lights offer a new kind of canvas for your creativity, with a multi-functional DIY Mode for your own designs as well as themed displays, holiday greetings, and more. And Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro will change your outdoor lighting game for good, with a unique cut-and-splice design that suits your space, myriad seasonal presets, plus warm and cool lighting for everyday use.

Credit: Govee

With 22 music modes and 18 scene modes, the Govee Outdoor Light Show Box lets you put on a different show every night. Use the Govee Home App to adjust light sensitivity, customize colors, control brightness, and add music for an immersive holiday light show that will have the whole block talking.