Concrete Tabletop Accessories

Concrete is a utilitarian material rarely used for decorative purposes. That’s why the contrast of mixing this hard functional material with the gracious experience of formal dining is so interesting.

Using concrete to decorate your tabletop, will definitely spark the curiosity of your guests. Like all good things some people will love it and some people will hate it. Regardless, it makes a statement. It says, “I’m bold and urban, but I have a sense of humor, so don’t worry about having more than one glass of wine.”
That’s exactly the kind of message I want to send to my guests!

The accessories shown are:

• Bowl, $25, by Impurevessels on Etsy.
• Candlestick, $50.47, by Tove Adman on Scandinavian Design Center.
• Tumbler, $18, by 25togo on Yanko Design.
• Wine Coolers, $34, by Concrete Revolution.
• Napkin rings, $49, by 22 Design Studio on Design Boom.