Seth & Allison's Kitchen: Demo Begins

Seth & Allison's Kitchen: Demo Begins

Feb 26, 2013

Name: Seth & Allison
Type of Project: Kitchen/Family Room renovation
Location: Ventura, California
Type of building: Mid-Century, multi-level, single family home

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Escrow closed on a Friday afternoon. So naturally we turned up at the house on Saturday morning, ready and raring to do some demolition. 

The first morning of demolition. 

Because we knew that we'd want to make some big changes to the house, we began meeting with our architect prior to the close of escrow, and by now he'd drawn up plans to give us a vision of what we were working toward. The first day of demo involved stripping the kitchen completely, including tearing out all cabinets, countertops, a dropped ceiling with fluorescent light boxes, and linoleum flooring, as well as capping off old plumbing lines. It was a mess. We were lucky in the first couple of days to have help from Seth's brother Cole and our friend Morgan.

The kitchen is stripped and the drywall is coming down.

By the end of the first weekend we'd also taken the wall that separated the kitchen from what will become the attached family room down to the studs. We plan to remove it entirely, but since it's load-bearing, we'll have to replace it with a beam. We also opened up the remaining kitchen walls to remove old insulation and prepare for the windows being rearranged.

By the end of the first weekend, the kitchen is down to the studs.

I (Allison) got in a few good knocks with the sledgehammer, but ultimately the work turned out to be hour after hour of Seth and the guys knocking things down and me hauling them out to a big dumpster in the driveway -- a dumpster that during the first week of demo we filled to the top twice with drywall, insulation, dirt, wood, flooring, and some random old trinkets that had been living in the walls for a half-century. Again, it was a mess. But it was also pretty cool to see such a big change in the space occur in so little time.

Estimated time for project: 8 weeks
Time remaining: 7 weeks

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(Images & Diary Text: Alllison Gibson)

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