Seth & Allison's Kitchen: The Walls Go Up

Seth & Allison's Kitchen: The Walls Go Up

Mar 26, 2013

Name: Seth & Allison 
Type of Project: Kitchen/Family Room renovation 
Location: Ventura, California 
Type of building: Mid-Century, multi-level, single family home

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Immediately after insulation was installed, the drywall crew came in and hung new drywall throughout the kitchen and family room. This included the new walls that had recently been framed and the existing walls that had been opened up for plumbing, electrical and new windows. 

Drywall starting to be hung (looking into the kitchen from the family room).

We toyed with the idea of wrapping the parallam beam between the kitchen and family room while the drywall was being hung, but ultimately decided that we want to see what it will look like exposed. Since we’re going to have white paint, white countertops and white lower cabinets, we’re thinking the exposed beam will add some warmth and character to the space. 

Part of the kitchen and the living room, after all the seams have been taped and mudded. The purple drywall is a mold resistant board placed in areas where moisture could be present, especially where the sink will be located.

We had the drywall mudders skim coat all the new drywall to match the rest of the house, which is button board and plaster and has no texture. After getting several quotes for the drywall job, it became pretty clear to us that a skim coat finish would be more costly because it’s more labor intensive. Like a lot of the other decisions we’ve made throughout this process, we feel okay about spending a little extra since we really see ourselves in this house for many years. (And, admittedly, the finish looks better and we want the whole house to flow.)

Right before the skim coat goes on. Next stop in the kitchen: installing cabinets.

The drywall hanging and mudding process took an entire week because we had them working on the rest of the house renovation as well. We were lucky enough to get our new furnace installed and working before the drywall installation began, because a little bit of heat ended up really cutting down on the drying time of the mud.

Estimated time for project: 8 weeks/two months
Time remaining: 3 weeks

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(Images & Diary Text: Alllison Gibson)

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