Sett Studio by Mike Speciale

Sett Studio by Mike Speciale

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 22, 2011

Design: Sett Studio
Materials: Shou-Sugi-Ban, SIP Panels, Monotread Flooring
Designer: Mike Speciale

"Purpose: The goals of the Sett philosophy reflects the needs of professionals who work from home, and require a dedicated space. Many people who work from home are in need of a physical separation between what happens in their life at home, and their work. Sometimes, these people consider adding on to their existing home - a costly option requiring permits, substantial time, planning and finances."

" Additionally, adding on to your existing structure does not deliver a physical separation between work and home - often the greatest challenge to those who work from home.

Sett delivers just that - a cost and time efficient, permit-free workspace that creates a physical boundary between your work and home.

Design - Sett is designed by award winning, published architects. The modern and contemporary design is meant to reflect the forward-thinking approach of the studio. Instead of having a converted "shed", owners enjoy having an attractive space that enhances and brings greater value to their property.

Structure - SIP Technology - Simply put, SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) technology is the most energy and material efficient building material available - bottom line.

SIPs are highly energy-efficient, air-tight building panels used for walls, floors and ceilings. Results of blower door tests reveal that a SIP test room is 15 times more airtight than its stick framed counterpart with fiberglass insulation, far exceeding ENERGY STAR standards.

Similarly, SIPs greatly reduce the material waste generated during construction as compared to its on-site equivalent. Utilizing advanced software, panels are custom built to the exact dimensions of the structure. Not only does it create less waste material, less energy is required to produce the components of SIPs.

The enhanced airtight integrity of SIPs also promotes vastly superior indoor air quality. By limiting incoming air leakage, a SIP structure filters contaminants and allergens and reduces susceptibility to mold growth. SIPs have no off-gassing effect and contain no VOCs.

Materials - Sett strives to utilize responsible materials throughout, and maintain the forward-thinking overall integrity.

Monotread - Our signature interior surface, Monotread is a durable, seamless, sustainable material that can be used on floors, walls and ceilings. Milled from OSB (Oriented Strand Board), Monotread is produced from fast-growing, underutilized, inexpensive wood species grown in carefully managed forests. The combination of wood chips allows a unique, monolithic presentation allowing various applications.

Shou-Sugi-Ban - Burned-wood or charred-wood siding, Shou-Sugi-Ban is Japanese wood treatment used in various elements throughout Sett - interior and exterior. Not only does it deliver an attractive aesthetic, the burning also weatherizes the wood, prevents bugs and rot, and is fire-resistant.

Windows and Doors - All of the windows and doors used in Sett are energy-efficient, Low-e, double-pane glass and ENERGY STAR certified.

Portability - To reduce the material waste associated with on-site construction, Sett is built in our warehouse and delivered to you. It is portable, so if you ever move your studio can go with you."

Designer: Mike Speciale
Link: //
Location: Austin, TX


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