Setting the Table for Trendy Guests

When the weather starts to warm up, we start thinking about entertaining and having dinner parties. When we have guests over for an event, our goal is to ensure that our party is a lasting memory. It is always nice to cater the dinner party to the guests that will be arriving. We don’t find ourselves hosting theme parties, but we do find interest in coordinating a tabletop presentation that has a consistent style and is fitting for our guests.

When hosting a dinner party for our younger, design friends, we switch out roses for vanda orchids. We turn off the Marvin Gaye love songs and turn up the Adele or Jamiroquai. However, our hospitality is still the same with a spotless home and welcoming scents. We spend the extra time to plan a party because nothing makes us happier than the soft laughter of a dinner party.

What steps do you take to prepare for guests to arrive? What are your favorite inspirations for a party?


Top Row:

  • Digital Placemat: Electrolux digital placemat by designer Rodrigo Wolff
  • Float Glassware: Molo Design: Insulated, hand blown glassware from master glassblowers in the Czech Republic
  • Tetris Dinnerware: The dinneware plates were designed by Seungyoub
  • Open Air Flatware: Emmo Home: 24 piece flatware set for 6 in 18/10 stainless steel by WAT Design

Bottom Row:

  • Water Pitcher: CB2: Stainless Steel Shiny Water Pitcher
  • Flower Arrangement: Empty Vase: La Tour Magnifique
  • Candles: Migration modular oil candles by Lichen Studio
  • Oil and Vinegar Set: Unica Home: Double walled oil/vinegar pourer by Ichendorf
  • Bread Bowl: Unica Home: Magppie ‘chill zone’ set by Troels Seidenfaden

Other Dinner Party Inspirations:

(Images: Yanko Design, Molo Design, Emmo Home, CB2, Empty Vase, Unica Home, 3 bp blogspot, walyou)