Setting Up & Arranging New Studio Apartment?

Q: I moved out to L.A. from Ohio about a year ago and now it’s finally time for me to get my own apartment. At first I was set on having to get a 1 bedroom, but after seeing the prices and realizing that I have absolutely no furniture to call my own, I figured a studio would probably be better for me. I think I got pretty lucky and found one that I think I love!

Since I have no furniture its pretty much a completely blank slate, but I also don’t have a ton to spend.

I’m fine with the wall color except for the bathroom, which the awesome landlord is painting a warm, dark gray for me.

Anyways, I’m not exactly sure how to divide up the living/sleeping space. Should I use that open closet area for the bed or as something like a desk space? I was thinking maybe it would be nice to have a bed by the window and an open shelving unit to separate it from the rest of the room. I’m actually not sure if I should even get a bed though or just a fold out couch/bed?

I’m suppose to move in about 10 days and I’m hoping for some suggestions or examples of a good setup to help utilize the space and maybe some low-budget furniture ideas too.

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