Setting Up Home: 5 Essentials for a First Bedroom

Setting Up Home: 5 Essentials for a First Bedroom

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 20, 2010

Often the bedroom can end up being one of the most neglected places in the home. But it shouldn't be ignored completely! It doesn't take much, but there area few things you need that can greatly effect your health and quality of life. Wow, that sounds dramatic, it's just a bedroom — jeez!

Here's my list of 5 essentials for a bedroom. You might be starting out, starting over or just living with the basics, but no matter what you'll probably need most of these things below. Do you have something that didn't make the list? Let us know in the comments!

A Bed: Now the word "bed" is a rather loose term when you're just starting out. Obviously you'd like to be able to acquire the best mattress you can afford and a great frame to deck out your "magic room" appropriately. But more often than not it's easy to end up on a futon, mattress on the floor or potentially an air mattress. The essential thing is that you have something that separates you from the floor — even if it's a simple mat. Being broke isn't the end of the world — but sucking in the dirt from the floor can leave you feeling hazy all day long.

Alarm Clock: Making it to work or school on time is obviously a must. You can check out some of these great options or even just stick to using your cell phone to save a little cash — assuming you can remember to adjust the ringer and keep it charged!

Clothes Storage: While many think a dresser and a closet are necessities, that's not always the case. A small studio apartment can leave you looking for other options and we've talked about many of them before. Don't invest a great deal of money in clothes storage that will end up staying in the space (closet systems), look for portable yet strong options that will stay sturdy and strong.

Bedside Table: As much as this item isn't mandatory (especially if you're sleeping closer to the floor) — and a stacks of books will do in a pinch — it is nice to have somewhere consistent to put your cell phone, alarm clock, glasses or nighttime reading material. Check Craigslist or thrift stores for finds that can easily be converted into awesome works of art, or these other fabulous finds from the world of retail.

Cleaning Routine: OK, so it's not tangible, but there's not many things that you have to have for a bedroom. But when push comes to shove, the one thing you do need are good habits. The bedroom is an easy place to shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist, shoving dirty clothes and other household clutter out of sight. Keeping it spotless and dirt free requires a little work and routine. Start now and live a happy life from here on out! Check out these tips that are oh-so-important to making this dream a reality!

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