Sex Advice from Interior Designers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

You get a call out of the blue from a journalist who is doing a piece called “Sex Advice from Interior Designers” and you find out that he has been given your name by a friend of yours from high school who thought you’d be perfect to interview. Do you feel pegged or what? Yes we do. Not that we have any more or less experience than the next person, but we do love to talk about it.

Sex Advice from Interior Designers just came out this week and is one of’s ongoing features. Starring four designers, Saana (34), Regina (40), Jennifer (35) and yours truly (39), the questions and answers are pretty gritty and DO have nerve. Among our favorites:

  • What are the best interiors for sex in public?
    I like the changing rooms at Banana Republic.
  • Other than a bed, what’s the best piece of furniture to have sex on?
    The Mies Van Der Rohe Barcelona chaise.
  • What do you suggest to remove come stains?
    Most basic household detergents will remove come. It dries clear and has low acidity.

    Enjoy. MGR

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