Sexy Famous Eichler, Happy on Hollywood, Community Beautification, and Goodbye Detergent!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sexy Eichler Home in Granada Hills: You know we love Eichlers, especially those located in Granada Hills. Here’s one that has been featured in a MickeyD’s commercial (we beg you to watch…too funny) and adult features (this is the San Fernando Valley). -via CurbedLA

Ecosource Home & Garden’s greenPots: We’ve been meaning to drop in and visit the relatively newcomer to Hollywood Blvd, Happy, especially when they sell cute rice hull based pottery like these greenPots. Check out the love they got from the LA Times Home & Garden page last month.

Los Angeles Community Beautification Blog: Found this excellent resource via LAist for those looking for projects that can help make your neighborhood and city a better one through various projects that range from garden work to helping paint a mural.

Goodbye Detergent: Hiroki Hayashi’s line of cleaning products created with recycled food remnants like ground peach pits, corn cobs and walnut shells. The whole line of kitchen and outdoor cleaning products available here. Via Coolhunting.